Toney is a wearable musical suit.

Inspired by the street performers, dancers, and musicians my team and I created Toney. Soft sensors are integrated into the suit at the parts where the human joints are.

All the sensors are connected with a microcontroller. A musical shield gives us the choice to use 100 and more different instruments. So with your movements, you are able to create sounds of a variety of musical instruments and compose your own melody.


How can the human body become a musical instrument through movement? And how wearable technologies can be implemented on the human body?


A wearable musical suit which allows the user to compose music by combining different body movements.


User Research, Prototyping, Wearable Product Development, Wearable technologies Implementation, Soft sensors development, User Testing, 


I was responsible for the qualitative user research by interviewing dancers and street performers, conducting field research, and observations. Among my main responsibilities were the concept development through ideation and body storming sessions, and also the wearable product development. Another part of my role was the technical implementation by developing soft sensors from scratch and implementing them on the wearable, creating the current circuit on the wearable suit, sewing the wearable, implementing and coding the hardware, as well as conducting user testings with various potential users such as dancers, and musicians.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.