Due to confidentiality restrictions, this project will be described thoroughly after the product will be out in the market (estimated time December 2020).

Brief Description: This project was created for a Danish bike manufacturer and it is about an interactive device that will be mounted on their bikes.


Innovating digital solution for the bike industry


User Research, Mock-ups, Prototyping, Product Development, Technical Implementation, User Testing


Danish Bike Manufacturer 


This project was developed by a team of four, one game designer, an industrial designer, and one interaction designer. I was responsible for qualitative user research by conducting field visits, observations, and participatory design sessions, concept development with ideation and brainstorming sessions, workshops facilitation, creation of storyboards, mock-ups, and interactive prototypes for concept testing. My main part was the product development by designing a series of 3D printed devices in order to conclude in the most suitable for the concept. Another part of my responsibilities was the technical implementation by researching installing and coding the hardware, as well as conducting a series of user testings by establishing collaboration with relevant stakeholders.