MYO TONE designed to help you perform your best workout.

This performance clothing can track the extent to which you work for targeted muscle groups through acoustic sound sensors. Don’t waste time checking your phone to see if you hit the right muscles – with MYO TONE you can listen to your performance in real-time and quickly know when it’s necessary to change your positioning or do that hard extra set to reach your muscle engaging goals. With MYO TONE you can now see if you succeeded at a full-body workout.

For "Design Week" Kolding 2017


How can you perform the best work out at the gym without a personal trainer​?


A "wearable personal trainer" where you can get sound feedbacks if you perform an exercise in the proper way or not. 


User Research, Prototyping, Product Development, 3D modeling, Technical Implementation, User Testing


This project was developed for the "Design Week" of Kolding in 2017 and funded by the "Business Kolding" organization. 

I was responsible for qualitative user research by conducting interviews, observations, and field visits. I was also responsible for the concept development which includes ideation, and brainstorming sessions, as well as the product development by choosing the most suitable materials for the workout, incorporating the circuit on the wearable garment, 3D modeling through Fusion 360 software, and creating a series of 3D printed models in order to select the most convenient for the user through user testings.  Another key role that I had was the technical implementation of the wearable device by installing and coding the hardware and the sensors. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.