The project is focused on “How to use Augmented Reality with the scope of promoting and supporting small and medium-size businesses?” 

My team and I developed a mobile AR installation for promoting the cultural house Bygning5 to students in Kolding, so they can visualize what Bygning5 can offer to them.

We made a wooden mock-up of Bygning5 where there are different AR rooms where you can experience the activities that can take place in each room by using your mobile device.

We used Unity to implement the AR technology as well as electronics and other sensors that trigger different interactions in order to make the whole experience more immersive for the users. 

The miniature building is made by plywood and all the components can be stored inside offering a compact portable solution that can be easily transported and demonstrated in different locations.


How can we use Augmented Reality as a promotional tool for small and medium-sized businesses?


A portable promotional solution that uses Augmented Reality and can be customized according to the needs of the client


User Research, Prototyping, Product Development, AR and Interactive technologies implementation, User Testing


Kolding Municipality's cultural building "Bygning 5"


This project was developed by a multi-disciplinary team of four, a marketer, an interaction designer, and two product designers.  

My role was focused on qualitative user research hereof field visits, and facilitating workshops with multiple stakeholders. My role also included concept development with ideation and brainstorming sessions, mock-ups, and interactive prototypes development. I was also responsible for the product development by researching suitable materials and using laser cuter for producing our end product. Furthermore, I implemented the interactive technologies by installing and coding the hardware, implementing the AR technology through Unity software, and creating an illustrative video through Adobe Premiere,  Finally, I conducted user testings by trying out the product in various contexts, indoor-outdoor, and with different users.